Rainbow Reflective Pasties/Body Stickers Set - Daisy

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Color Changing Rainbow Reflective Pasties/Stickers Set:Daisy Nipple Covers Body Stickers by Sasswear

Super fun Color Changing Rainbow Reflective Body Stickers and Pasties set. In regular light, they appear almost black and then BAM....shine a light or flash a pic and the bright rainbow design shows up. So fun!!

-Plenty of Stickers to decorate your body. Lots of different ways you can wear them.
-The largest Daisy's are 3 x 3 inches.

-Peel and Stick hypoallergenic adhesive. Latex-free. Apply to clean and dry skin. No lotions or oils.
-Waterproof when applied correctly
-Reusable with body glue

Other Ideas:

-Stick to your shirt, bag, phone, shorts...great for events
-Stick to running shoes for a night run
-Wear anywhere on your body
-Stick to phone, car, laptop

**photo credit @dollskill

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