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LED Pasties-Clickers

LED Pasties: Clickers by Sasswear
Twist your Nips or Click your Tits!
Light Up Pasties now come in 2 styles; The Original Twisters and the New Clickers.
What's the difference?
Clickers: Flat Design, Click your Nips to turn on, 3 light modes, 1-2 uses.
Twisters: Cone Design, Twist your Nips to turn on, 1 light mode, reusable. 
LED Pasties have super bright LED's with multi-colors that are sure to get a lot of attention. Your LED Pasties are ready to go with batteries and hypo-allergenic adhesive. 

Sasswear is the original creator and inventor of PATENTED Light Up LED Pasties™. 

Batteries Included | Hypo-Allergenic | Self Adhesive

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