​Sasswear's Light Up LED Pasties get a lot of press.  

Just look at all the likes, shares and comments that follow the media coverage from all different media outlets.  A blog feature like Dude I Want That getting over 25,000 shares, MTV News feature article about Miley Cyrus wearing them on Instagram, with over 300,000 likes, and a national podcast.

Sasswear press

Sasswear LED Pasties This is Why I'm Broke Press Sasswear Body Stickers on Dolls Kill






Dolls Kill Photo Shoot, May 2016

Thank you so much for the amazing photos!


MTV News Online, July 2015

Miley Cyrus' New Pasties Give New Meaning to the Old 'Headlights' Joke


E! Online, July 2015

her naked Instagram wouldn't be complete without some LED pasties!”


Miley Cyrus' Instagram

"put sum LEDz on dem t-tz,"


Melthaus, 2015

Unique BFF Gift Ideas- Rave Wear is IN!


Polyvore, 2015

Shiny Bras


Refinery 29, July 2015

Miley Cyrus Makes A Mockery Of Instagram's No-Nipple Policy With Nearly Nude Photos


Daily Mail, July 2015

Miley took to Instagram again as she put LED nipple pasties on her breasts on Wednesday


Holly Scoop, July 2015

LED pasties, dancing midgets, crazy tongue action?


Funny Junk, 2015

Why is This a Thing?


Incredible Things, 2015

Be The Light of the Party with these LED Pasties!


95.7 The Rock, 2015

Need These!


Egotastic, July 2015

A Gif to Us All


Adult Travel Forum

Just Had to Share


Buzz Feed

"Flashlights Are So Oldschool"


Novelty Things Collection

...the most fashionable way to disappoint your parents.”


Portland 100, November 2014

This is a Thing: Light Up LED Pasties


Dude I Want That, July 2014

LED pasties glow so bright you can even see them through a T-shirt!


Geekologie, November 2014

Robo Strippers


Like Cool, November 2014

Light-up LED Pasties


Styleite, December 2014

Ultimate Guide to Wearing Festival Pasties


I Born For This, December 2014

Cool LED Pasties for Your Boobs


American Dime

Highlight your perfectly symmetrical rack...”


Someone Buy This For Me


Want It All


Noisey Vice

"You actually can get any kind of nipple you want...They have light up nipples."




"Miley’s been outspoken about pasties as a means to empower women, and Kelly couldn’t agree more."

~MTV News


"If you're going to make LED nipple pasties, I mean, Miley Cyrus was probably your first pick to wear them..... I wonder if she has a magnum for the nipple..."

~The Frightened Ear Podcast


"...her naked Instagram wouldn't be complete without some LED pasties!"

~E! Online


"They've got robo strippers now!"



"...colourful and attractive “booblamps”."

~I Born For This



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