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Bike Week 2016 Photo Gallery

Our 3rd year at Key West Bike Week and what a great time we had! No rain, and beautiful sunny skies. The wind was a bit crazy at times and blew our displays over several times. LOL Live and learn for next year. 

Key West Poker Run Twist my Nipples display for Sasswear Nipple Pasties by Sasswear
Star Eye Stickers Sasswear Bike Week LED Lighting Installed Key West Bike Week
Key West Street Fair Poker Run LED Pasties Skulls LED Pasties Pirate Costume Bike Week
Guy Twisting LED Nips Key West Bike Week Star LED Pasties Funny
Butterfly and Daisy LED Nipple Pasties by Sasswear Sasswear Bike Week Street Fair LED Pasties


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