Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do you turn the LED Pasties on and off?

Twisters: Twist the nipple (actually the cap to the light) to the right to turn on and to the left to turn off.

Clickers: Click your nip by pressing the very center. You can feel a small bump where the button is. 

2. Are there different light modes?

Twisters:  Each pair has one mode that can be turned on and off. 
Clickers: Each pair has three light modes. Click to go through them. 

3. Are they reusable? How long does the adhesive last?

Yes they are reusable. The adhesive will last for one wear. To use them again you will need body tape or body glue.

4. How long do the batteries last? Can you replace them?

The batteries last 8-12 hours. They can be replaced for the Twisters only. 

5. What type of batteries do they take?

Twisters: LED Pasties take (4) CR927 batteries.

Compatible Names: DL927, DL927B, BR927, BR927-1W, CR279-1W, LM927, 5011LC, ECR927, KCR927

These are small electronic batteries usually found in watches and calculators. Most stores like Walgreens, CVS, Kmart and the like carry them.

6. Is the adhesive safe?

The adhesive is skin safe hypo-allergenic and has a cosmetic certificate.

7. Can I wear them under a shirt?

YES! LED Pasties will shine through a thin shirt or bra.

8. What's the difference between the LED light choices?

-Multi-Color Flashing is fast flashing between the colors Red, Green, and Blue.

-Rainbow Slow Change does not flash. It slowly fades from one color to the next. It takes about 10 seconds to go through the full color cycle.

-Solid Color LED's come in either fast flashing or steady on. These are reserved for custom orders or specialty pasties.

9. One or both of the pasties isn't working.

Each cap will have a small 'L' shaped metal connector next to the batteries. Do not lose this or the pastie will not work.

-The metal connector fits in a groove in the side of the cap with the small side on the bottom.

-Sometimes the caps get cross threaded, unscrew, hold the pastie upside down and screw the cap back on. Make sure it's straight or it will become cross threaded again. It may take a couple tries.

-DO NOT force the cap too tight, you may jam the light. Instead, unscrew the cap and start over making sure it goes on straight.

Watch this video for more assistance  (


10. How long will it take to receive my order?  

Allow 1-2 days for processing of orders. Here is a guideline for shipping times.

Domestic First Class South East Region 5-7 days 
Domestic First Class South West Region
5-10 days
Domestic First Class North East Region
5-7 days
Domestic First Class North West Region
7-12 days
International First Class 6-14 days
United Kingdom 6-10 days
Canada 6-10 days
Australia 8-12 days
Germany 8-12 days


*Please allow up to two weeks for international shipping. Sasswear is not responsible for customs holding your item. 

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