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New and Improved Light Up LED Pasties

After a lot of feedback from great customers we have improved are light up pasties to have a stronger adhesive and brighter LED’s. The new design features a tape adhesive that can be reapplied for a fresh adhesion for every use. The new design also allows for brighter LED’s. As if they weren’t bright already, you can really blind someone now! They are also lighter for easy wear. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

light up led nipple pasties sasswear

Light Up LED Nipple Pasties are better then ever!

Visit to purchase or for more info!

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  • Terry on

    Hi guys
    We had some problems with our LED Pasties . I wrote Kelly she let me know they had improved them , and would send them out asap . They work great ,and we will be a return customer .
    Thanks Kelly

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