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Galactic Glowing Goddess

Glowing Goddess Costume with LED Pasties

Galactic Glowing Goddess

To get this look, you will need the following items:
Body Stickers
1. Blacklight Heart Body Stickers by Sasswear
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Fantasy Fest 2016 Guide to Parties!

Check out our guide to hitting all the best parties this year for Fantasy Fest. Featuring the favorites and local events not included on the official site. Here you go...

Fantasy Fest Guide to Parties


*If the link above doesn't work, just copy and paste this one.

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3rd Year at Key West Bike Week

Our 3rd year at Key West Bike Week and what a great time we had! No rain, and beautiful sunny skies. The wind was a bit crazy at times and blew our displays over several times. LOL Live and learn for next year. 

Check out our Bike Week 2016 Photo Gallery to see all the fun! 

Stay tuned for Fantasy Fest in October. Check out our events page for more information and photo galleries. 


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Criteria to Wear Nipple Pasties

cher nipple pasties guidelineI just thought the criteria to wear pasties was hilarious. Although pretty accurate as an unofficial guideline, I think anyone, given the proper venue can wear nipple pasties, but read the hilarious guidelines and you be the judge....

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Are Nipple Pasties the New Earrings?

rhiana nipple pasties boob jewelry

Just thought this was worth sharing! I absolutely think that nipple pasties are the new earrings! LOL  With all the stars decorating their beautiful boobs with jewels, why not? There’s way more room to decorate over silly earrings anyway!!

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